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Omnia Vox Futuri

Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher

or the beautiful days sounding like dAIsy

OmNIA voX futuri – or the beautiful days of sounding like dAIsy is the first work in a series of artificial voice utopias for a headphone, a screen, a listener, and a reader

As the process of reading and listening unfolds, the reader and at the same time listener – or vice versa – encounters an autonomous entity with its own identity, experiences, ideas, conclusions, and even expectations. By shifting attention between text and sound, reading and listening the question of “who is speaking?” can no longer be answered.

Traditional ideas and concepts of what voice is, are re-negotiated and the question of what kind of there is in there arises: Is it sound? Is it a carrier of meaning? Is it life? Is it spirit? Is it bodily – does it need a body? What are the psychosocial, cultural, philosophical, and anthropological factors that are limiting our ability to even consider, let alone hear, the voices of nonhuman subjects? – Was voice ever human?

Errant Sound Berlin – As part of the group exhibition absent cargo