AI ART sound art

Omnia Vox Futuri

Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher

or the beautiful days sounding like dAIsy

This artificial voice utopia contains several unexpected shifts of attention, beliefs, and production of information and knowledge. Traditional ideas and theories of what voice is, are negotiated: Is it bodily, does it need a body, is it sound or is it a carrier of meanings – was voice ever human?

It starts as if the artist (me?) is giving a personal, written report that is made audible by using old-school artificial voice synthesis. In the cause of the process, it becomes clearer that the reader and at the same time listener – or vice versa – is dealing with an autonomous entity that has its own identity based on personal experiences, ideas, conclusions, and even expectations.

By shifting attention between text and sound, reading and listening to situations that are described and produced the question of “who is talking?” cannot clearly be answered.

Errant Sound Berlin
As part of the group exhibition
absent cargo