Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher

2017 – 2019
Postgraduate study in exMedia at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM, DE).
Degree: Diplom Mediale Künste (Media Arts)

Authentic Fake News Apparatus
wins the open call for Digital Dramaturgy of NRW-KULTUR (DE).

Performance_Lab: Listening to your own hearing
at University of Arst Zurich (CH).

2016 – 2018
Engagement at Theatre Lucerne (CH) as performer and actress. Play-development with directors such as Bram Jansen (NL), Alexander Giesche (DE), and Trixa Arnold (CH).

Since 2017
Various jury activities, lecturer and supervisor at Zurich University of Arts (ZHdK, CH) in performative techniques for voice and body in space with special focus on media techniques of sound and voice (re) production.

Main role in the movie Where I live. A film for Ilse Aichinger, directed by Christine Nagel. Premiere: diagonale Graz 2014 (AT). Invited to arsenal Berlin (DE), to festivals in London (GB) and Antwerp (BEL), and by Goethe Institute Tokyo (JPN). In the same year speaker in the radio-play After the disappearance, produced by RBB and Ö1. After the disappearance was elected as radio-play of the month by the German Academy of Arts and broadcasted by BR, WDR, DLR (DE).

Nomination for the Nestroy award as best young actress, Vienna (AT).

2008 – 2015
Permanent engagement at Theatre Graz (AT) as actress. Working closely with Krystian Lupa (PL), Wojtek Klemm (DE), Elmar Goerden (DE), Sam Brown (UK) and Anna Badora (DE).

ARTISTIC WORK, selection
Since 2016
Development, organization and performance of own pieces engaged in the exploration of performance and techniques of installation at the sensual interface of (synthetic) voice, body, and new media. Ongoing research in auto-poetic systems in performance and writing using neuronal networks (AI).

collaborations with various artists such as media artist Anja Behrens (DK), sound artist and composer Gerriet K. Sharma (DE), programmer Georg Kettele (AT), Suhrkamp author Gunther Geltinger (DE), media artist Penelope Wehrli (DE), Zurich Universtiy of Arts (ZHdK, CH), Art in public Space Graz (AT), Universitiy of Roehampton London (GB).

Authentic Fake News Apparatus
wins the open call for Digital Dramaturgy of NRW-KULTUR (DE).
Auto-poetry Apparatus:
audio-visual printing machine using a deep learning algorithm for the generation of text to speech art (AI), premiered at Errant Sound Berlin, february 2021.
pasdedeuX: performative research installation, using discarded media, for 16 turntables and 2 performers curated by Jochen Heufelder at Kunstraum Fuhrwerkswaage Köln (DE), funded by A9-cultural fund of the province of Styria (AT). Presented at FACYL – festival for music and performance Madrid (ESP).

Space-sound composition in book form – (always) first edition – for one performer, a score and a microphone, premiere at Kunstraum Fuhrwerkswaage Cologne (DE).
pasdedeuX opens the annual exhibition of KHM. Invited to the 2nd Cologne Congress: Narration in the media by Deutschlandfunk Cologne (DE), presented at 6th CARPA: Colloquium in Performing Arts Helsinki (FN).
Speaker Lecture Space (SLS): An introduction to open cages 2019, broadcasted by otic radio.

Start of research on the work ARCHives: a text experiment for 1 speaker, 1 trumpet, and 4 loudspeakers.

Latency: experimental installation about language in media space. Audiovisual feedback system for 1 speaker, 16 loudspeakers, 5 microphones and variable space constellations, funded by A9-cultural fund of the province of Styria (AT).

the Sea: performative live radio-play for 1 speaker, artificial voices, and live electronics. Premiere: Opening of the performance space Open Box, Lucerne (CH).

2016 – 2020
Counting Swans: mythological space pathologies. Series of work, LP I 33 1/3 rpm I 12 inch I Transparent

Solo-performance for Institute of Art in Public Space Graz (AT). Over a period of two weeks as part of the installation The Monumental is my Illness of the Berlin artist duo Dellbrügge & de Moll. The project is documented in the magazine polar21- Politik I Theorie I Everday life, autumn edition 2016.

Activity in independent productions at Hebbel am Ufer (HAU, DE) and at Sophiensaele (DE).
Intensive collaboration with Christoph Schlingensief (DE) among others as part of the opera project Freax of Moritz Eggert at Opera Bonn (DE).