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Schwäne zählen

Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher

Sound composition for Mythological space pathologies.

In Schwäne Zählen I set out in search of the mythological animal in the respective commune. The path is captured by an audio recording. By creating a variant of an audio walk this path is archived in a quasi-documentary way.

In contrast to the conventional audio walks, there are no specific references to the acoustic scenery by a voice-over commentary. Instead, the spoken title at the beginning marks the program of the following and aligns the listening posture. Only at the moment when a swan becomes visible for me, the voice is audible, counting further. The result is a programmatic concrete sound space, temporalized by my movement through the city and randomly appearing artifacts (wind noise, distortions of the digital audio signal) becoming real only when listened to.

Unique object LP I 33rpm I 12 inch I transparent
Playing time: 36 minutes