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Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher

AI-based truth-generater

The Corona crisis has provided a supply of information about the infectious state of the world, data streams about a space we cannot survey, whose state we can only explain situationally but never holistically, and whose state we can only evaluate with difficulty. It dramatically demonstrated the difference between information and meaning. In doing so, we were able to see that in politics, the press, and society, the sovereignty of interpretation is contested and that the evaluation of data is never neutral and always driven by interests.

But what do we really know? What can we say about reality in times of total datafication? How do we perceive the social space we are living in, which shapes and constitutes us? – Is there, was there a virus? And what can data tell us about the constitution of our beings between life and death?

The Authentic Fake–News–Apparatus produces news tweets on the basis of conflicting neuronal networks (AI) using different online sources. These are vocalized by one or more artificial voices depending on content quantification and segmentation li,e authenticity, probability, distribution, click rates and posted regularly via news feed.

The machine has no beginning and no end. It defines its own values and ads based on a set of rules. Only the sources are secured as sources whose content can merely be weighted. What is pronounced, given a voice, is up to the machine‘s “thinking.”