sound art

das Meer

Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher

Performative live hear play for one speaker and live electronics

das Meer – the Sea is a three-part literary-musical narrative by the Suhrkamp author Gunther Geltinger and the sound artist and composer Geriet K. Sharma.

At the center of every episode stands the Mediterranean Sea as destination of an individual journey that reveals cultural boundaries as well as traveller’s constraints and the desire to overcome personal barriers. On the border between moment and duration, inside and outside, past and present, the protagonists sometimes move physically and at real places, sometimes dreamlike and visionary through spaces and different time levels.

The piece is based on the eponymous radio play, which was nominated for the radio play Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair and the Prize of the Leipzig Radio Play Summer in 2008. Read by Verena Lercher, the lyrics interweave in the live performance with Gerriet K. Sharma’s live electronics and pre-recorded voices of Georgette Dee and Simon T. Roden.

Length: 33 minutes