a human-machine for voice in 3D audio spaces

In a live setting, the performer interacts with an IKOsahedral loudspeaker as a real-time artistic partner performing artificial voice entities that are both intimate and virtually “impossible”. What is artistically researched and developed here are effects and affects to create artefacts that translate the performer herself into an always ready-to-be-transformed identity.

Both, the performer and audience experience a continuous process of transition between construction and de-construction; the polarization of “natural” versus “artificial”; the conventional, often predictable and identifiable poetic system and the (non-)human as a vocal factory for aberrant sounds; the voices’ emotive, natural space of resonance and “vocal artefacts” resonating from architectural bodies; the voice that emulates the rhythm of the body and the voice that entwines itself with the pulse of the IKO.

2023 Invited by Goeth Institute New Zealand (NZL)
Funded by Musikfonds (DE)