Where I live. A movie for Ilse Aichinger.

Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher

Are spaces moving because we move, or are we moving because spaces move?
(Ilse Aichinger)

Where I live is a narrative by the Austrian author Ilse Aichinger. In the eponymus movie by Christine Nagel, the narrative becomes the focal point of the work and the person Ilse Aichinger.

It is the story of the young woman Marie, whose flat continues to sink successively one floor until her apartment door finally is located in the basement. Although she is confused about this fact her environment does not seem to notice anything.

The film sketches a silent, observing portrait. A parable about fatalism, isolation and apathy, interwoven with unpublished Super 8 recordings that Ilse Aichinger shot by herself and documentary sequences of locations that determined her writing.

Screenplay & direction: Christine Nagel
Camera: Isabelle Casez & Helmut Wimmer
Editing: Niki Mossböck
Producer: Kurt Mayer
Premiere: March 19, 2014, Diagonale Graz  

Invited to arsenal Berlin, London, Antwerp and the Goehte Institut Tokyo.