What about Nora

Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher

I almost believe we are all ghosts.
(Henrik Ibsen)

What interests you in the character Nora?
It is precisely this question that concerns me rather than the figure itself, because the role as originally created by the author was controversial in its time, but has become rather mundane in the course of time. That’s not because of the role but the character that she represents due to today’s attributions to this person. I cannot and I must not portray Nora, I have to question her. And only the contingent questions result in a constellation of contemporary views regarding this role that we – and only then – can perceive as a figure in the now.

Is there something that interests you most about the play?
The systematic behind the system break.
As soon as I break with one, I’m directly part of another. To free oneself from the one means fateful entanglement in another system.

One could also reflect on the tragic limitations of morality.

Director: Bram Jansen
Stage & Costume: Sophie Krayer
Dramaturgy: Julia Reichert
Premiere: 18. Jänner 2017