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Performance_Lab: ZHDK Zurich

Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher

Listening to your own hearing as a performative strategy.
Exemplary medial transformations of the auditive in performance.

What are artistic possibilities arising from the differentiated and informed use of audio technology in performative space for the body, gesture, text and voice, and what does the omission or apparent absence of technology mean for performing and the artistic setting in the work?

With regard to works individually developed by the students at Zurich University of the Arts, different kinds of hearing and listening are examined which result from the acoustic composition of performances as well as the dynamics of the auditory attention.

Together the effects that the ubiquity of auditory media technologies (loudspeakers, smartphones, microphones, headphones, etc.) have in concrete terms on one’s own voice, the individuality of one’s own sound, and the resulting play in the performance space are examined.