Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher
Verena Lercher

The technical symptom of latency is asynchronicity.

Latency is considered an error in the field of audio- and video-engeneering, an artifact that needs to be avoided, in any case minimized until it is below our perceptional threshold.

Latency intervenes in the sense of the daily medial construction of sound and image, shifts the attention into an area of system failure or the interval between event and reaction, until cause and effect add up to different contexts.

As part of the installation Latency, I connect questions of technical and spatio-temporal latency as a space of possibility for medial reinterpretations. This happens between the poles synchronicity and asynchronicity of live speaker, loudspeakers, spoken and recorded speech as a network of impulses and reactions and their interaction.

The audience is challenged indiviually as a producer of connections by the permanentley changing links. The visual axes and locations of the audience play a crucial role here: Depending on the position, the focal points shift on the scale between congruence and incongruity, impressions become coordinates of the individual perception spaces in the context of the staging.

Concept: Verena Lercher, Gerriet Krishna Sharma
Performance for 16 loudspeakers, 5 microphones and 1 speaker